Asakusa East


Start Here No. 14

Follow your dreams, no matter how weird. Sleep on the subway and see where you wake up.

#HelloEdo: a stone’s throw from Sumida River, Tokyo Skytree and Asakusa District. This location embodies the true and good-old Tokyo.

#SlowLiving: a quiet and residential neighborhood with izakaya and bathhouse without tourists.


Studio Deluxe

Our best-selling rooms with everything you need to start a Tokyo life.


Studio Sunny

Efficiently designed studio with functional work desk and ample natural light.


Common Amenities

Start Here — Smell The Coffee — Follow Your Gut — Add A Dash Of This And A Dash Of That — Oh Yum — Nightcap


Train stations

Honjo Azumabashi: (5 mins) Exit A2
Oshiage: (10 mins) Exit A2
Asakusa: (15 mins) Exit A2

From the airport

Narita Airport
To Honjo Azumabashi : ~1 hour (~¥1,300) 
Taxi: ~1 hour (~¥23,000)

Haneda Airport
To Honjo Azumabashi: ~1 hour (~¥600) 
Taxi: ~30 mins (~¥10,000)


How to Check In
Upon arrival, Section L Tablet will verify your IDs then provide you with your smartlock code. This code will expire at 11am of your check-out day.