Community Manager

Why community is important to us:

When people get together, ideas take shape, laughter is shared, inspiration follows. Hospitality is the nexus of such person-to-person connections.

Whether you’re a bright-eyed and bushy-tailed traveller, or a local resident who has seen it all, everyone has something to gain from their community.

In this role you will:
  • Identify the community
  • Gain insights on community needs and how we can meet them
  • Recruit early members
  • Articulate the community manifesto
  • Manage events and activities
  • Continuously learn about our members and evolve the community
  • Work with product team to iterate and evolve community app
You’ll thrive in this job if you:
  • like people
  • are organized and proactive
  • have an entrepreneurial spark
  • can keep your cool in stressful situations(can’t spell community without omm)
  • can communicate effectively in English and Japanese
  • can take feedback in a productive way
  • are looking for opportunities to learn and grow, professionally and personally
You’ll love this job if you:
  • understand, first-hand, how community can uplift individuals
  • want to build a world-class hospitality brand from scratch
  • have a great sense of humor
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