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Section L was established in 2020 by a team of experienced and passionate hoteliers in Tokyo. Together, we set out to build a leading hospitality brand for the independent modern traveler, focusing on in-stay efficiency and memorable experiences that connect them to the people and places that make each city so special.

Roles we are currently hiring for:

Developers & Investors

In the Post-COVID hospitality world, flexibility and efficiency will win the day.  

That’s why we love apartment-style hotels.  The flexibility of an apartment-style product lets us not only capture international tourists, but also remote workers and extended-stay domestic clientele. 

Our property owners can enjoy the upside of Japan’s inbound travel, while relying on the stable demand of one of the world’s largest residential sectors.

We constantly challenge ourselves to do right by our property investors (and their bottom line).

Our Mission

1. Create memorable experiences by highlighting the stories and talents of travelers and locals.

2. Set a modern standard for accommodations which elevates guest satisfaction and operational efficiency.

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