Pop-up House

Hello Jingumae

Section L Pop-up House was produced in collaboration with Shibuya’s creators and entrepreneurs. It’s our experiment to roll out spirited & urban content – to bring a new breeze to our beloved neighborhood.


Floor Guide


New Classics

Enjoy the signature dishes from Tokyo’s up & coming restaurants. We’re more than a restaurant and less than a food court.

New Opportunities

The business model of Reiwa Food Collection allows chefs to experiment and promote their ideas without hefty initial investment.


Experience Flowers

A space designed by flower artists, HANARIDA offers flower infused tea that you can drink and smoke. It’s like shisha, but without the nicotine and tobacco leaves –  instead we use tea leaves.

Digital Detox

No matter how smart your smartphones are, they cannot capture the true beauty of flowers. So we ask you to leave your electric devices in our lockers, and enjoy the moment with your great company.


Pop-up Shops

An open space dedicated for up & coming D2C brands to exhibit their products. We encourage anyone to submit an application below.


A drop-in co-working and community space for D2C fellows. Fast Wi-Fi, BoConcept desk & chairs, and networking opportunity for just 500 yen.


CBD & Coffee

Enjoy artisan coffee with a drip of CBD. Unwind and relax.

Access & Hours

From Train Station

Meiji-Jingumae Harajuku Station – 7 mins
Omotesando Station – 10 mins

Operating Hours

11:30 am – 10pm
Open 7 days a week

Want to work with us?

Contact us at